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unknown artist - track 01
пой мне еще
astis — фантастика — LiveJournal 
1. Cake
Ага, по просьбам трудящихся (две штуки).

Сначала – еще раз текст.
Курсивом выделены незнакомые слова.
Gils was very fraper. She had denarpen Farfie's mardson. She hadn't
talped a gibeter for him, so she conlanted to plimp a blinky for him.
She had just sparved the blinky, when he jiffled in the gorger.
"Corsty Mardson!" baffed Gils.
"It's croutish mardson blinky," baffed Farfie. "But my mardson is on Stanson,
and agson is Kelson."
"In this case," baffed Gils, "I won't whalk you your gibeter until Stanson!"

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